St David's Presbyterian Church


What we seek to do and be - Our Vision

We the people of St Davidís seek to enable those both outside and within the Church to investigate, and in their own time connect with its life and work. We endeavour to value peoples contributions and welcome them to participate in our life and work at St Davidís in the hope that they will at some time in the future choose to belong and share in that journey with us. We shall do our utmost to be friendly, accepting, open to influence, diverse in our activities, and intentional about providing new experiences and activities for people.

What you see when you get there Ė Our Place

St Davidís Church complex sits on the left hand side of the road shortly after one turns from Symonds St into Khyber Pass Rd. Having entered the church one finds oneself in a beautiful serene atmosphere, the gentle subdued light within the church offers a welcoming peaceful embrace. The pews are a coloured a soft dark brown with blue velvet cushions. The stained glass windows invite a sense of history and the spacious sanctuary welcomes one into a place of majesty and peace.

The Worship Services, which go from 9.30am and 7.00pm on Sundays, are the centre of St Davidís life and work and they seek to provide a balance between the way things used to be done and the way things might be done in the future. Traditional concepts and doctrines of the Christian Faith are tested and explored as the people of St Davidís seek to shape their response in the interests of relevance and contemporary thought.

During the morning service the church provides a childrenís programme for all ages and children and adults are encouraged to participate in that programme, as they desire.

After the services a cup of (real) coffee and tea is provided for people, as a time for introductions and conversations should one wish to stay a while.

What we would like of you

Please accept our invitation to join us for worship over a few Sundays and test our resolve to be a welcoming community of faith. Your opinion of our vision and practice is of importance to us and we would like to hear it. If you have a desire to join us in our exploration of a Christian Faith for today, please make yourself known to our Minister or to one of the people on duty on that day. Should you want to know a little more of some of the questions we are exploring please go to our Christian Faith page.